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The Jimmy Ocean Project

Jimmy Ocean Project Department - image of plastic waste in surf

The Jimmy Ocean Project aims to inform, educate and inspire the very young through storytelling, where reality is turned into fiction and where fiction is hopefully returned back to reality.
It is estimated that there are 5.25 trillion individual pieces of plastic in our oceans, we’ve seen it on the news, animals, birds and fish tangled in plastic packaging, carrier bags or other floating plastics, creating a deadly problem for all of us.
In the ocean, plastics biodegrade into smaller and smaller pieces. We might not be able to see them, but they still have a huge impact on the oceans.
Toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of these plastics are eaten by microscopic proto plankton many times over as it steadily rises up the food chain. Fish are eaten by bigger fish that are eaten by even bigger fish, eventually ending up on our own plates.
Throughout the world many brilliant universities and marine institutions are working away at a solution.

Until that day happens, its just possible one of those inspired children we aim to educate, one of those unaware billions will become a scientist and discover the magic solution to ocean pollution.
Through a series of children’s books and games in development, we explore the issues and meet the principal characters of Jimmy and Bibi Ocean who were made from beach plastic by the mermaids.
A limited edition of decorative lighting has also been created with profits going towards the project.
For more information please visit : www.jimmyoceanproject.org
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