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Summer Wind Print

While the wind chases the clouds a small boy and his dog explore rock pools in this print entitled ‘Summer Wind’ by Ed Boxall.
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Ed’s work has a beautiful simplicity of line creating warm, earthy images of family life with a touch of magic and myth.
Many of his handmade prints capture moments from life: children’s encounters with animals, walking on the beach, eating porridge and peas. While some images have a more ambiguous poetry where people light fires in sea shells and drift on empty seas.
Ed graduated from St Martin’s College in 1999 and works as an artist, writer, printmaker, songwriter, storyteller and educator. 
He had several books published by Walker Books before independently establishing his own small scale publishers ‘The Pearbox Press’ where he continues to explores his richly illustrated world; titles include ‘The Rooftop Garden’, ‘The Shell Collector’ and his popular ‘Storm Tree Stories’.
His work appears in many galleries around the country. 
Paper Size:     25 x 36 cm
Image Size:    13 x 17 cm
Price: £35.00
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