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Squiggle Wreath Frame | Wall Hanging
Squiggle Wreath Frame | Wall Hanging Squiggle Wreath Frame | Wall Hanging Squiggle Wreath Frame | Wall Hanging Squiggle Wreath Frame | Wall Hanging

Squiggle Wreath Frame

Here’s a fantastic fun idea for turning a summers day beach trip into your very own work of art.

Simply thread your collection of sea washed driftwood, shells, beach glass or stones with natural holes on to the squiggle frame to create your own hanging wreath similar to the photo's shown.

Each squiggle frame has been individually hand forged from mild steel by blacksmith Lucille Scott.

Lucille is a designer blacksmith creating fantastic bespoke handmade metal items whilst also teaching Design & Technology at Portsmouth High School.

Having lived near the sea all her life, Lucille draws from the elegance and power of water, rocks and plants. Her work represents aspects derived from the sea and observing nature in general and abounds with flowing organic forms.

Lucille delights in the fact that she has a couple of the best jobs in the world. She gets to work with the next generation and enjoys their enthusiasm and unconstrained ideas whilst nurturing her own love of playing with fire, getting dirty and bashing metal!

As the seasons progress, try a potpourri version by adding a variety of dried flowers and pine cones or perhaps using fabric & ribbons. They also make a great starting point for a Christmas wreath to welcome guests.

The Squiggle Frame is available in a choice of finishes; natural steel is great for a sea worn look (as it will eventually rust) and in a gold, silver or black plastic coated paint.

Size:  30 x 40 cm high including the squiggle     (12x15.5”)

Sadly not everyone is able to rush to the seaside, so we are also able to provide a fully decorated and made up version using materials collected along the Devon Dorset coastline.

It should be noted however that due to the handmade nature and individual character of the pieces used, each wreath will be unique and may vary a little from the images shown.

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Price: £22.00
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