Dubbing Out - Linocut

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An original lino print by the artist Steve Duffy.

The linocut shows men involved in Dubbing Out. This is the final process of shaping and smoothing the ribs of a boat and is traditionally done using a Adze which is a type of axe having a blade set at right angles to the shaft.

Living in Rye on the East Sussex coast, artist and potter Steve Duffy is never far away from the inspiration for many of his creations.

Coming from a family with rich sea faring traditions, it perhaps not surprising that his work is imbued with strong coastal imagery.

With clean flowing lines his carefully considered designs capture striking yet simple images. 

The linocut is a printmaking technique similar to that of the woodcut. The image is carved into a block of hessian covered by a thick piece of linoleum and then inked and pressed on paper to create a print.  The technique really came into its own after artists like Picasso and Matisse began to work in the medium.

Each one of these limited edition prints is an original work of art and is technically known as an impression. They are supplied ready mounted with the option of being framed within a simple oak surround. Individually hand printed, signed and numbered by the artist.

Limited Edition of 50 

Available mounted for you to frame or fully framed ready to hang.

Mounted/Frame Size: 40x33cm  

Image Size: 18x23cm

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