Driftwood Fish Wall Art Hanging |Rachel White

Driftwood Fish Wall Art Hanging

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This fabulous driftwood fish wall art hanging uses carefully interwoven pieces to give an intricate sculptural design effect.

Perfect in any setting it will certainly bring a flavour of the coast into your home.

Made by Rachel White in her workshop studio in Weymouth, her creations use only natural driftwood sculpted by the tides and have not been shaped or altered in any way.

Amongst the intricately interwoven pieces of naturally textured driftwood are sea-worn fragments of tawny brown and green sea glass designed to catch the light. The fish also features small seashells, drifted seed pods and other beachcombed treasures.

Living just a mile from the sea, Rachel is a driftwood and beachcombing artist who sources her materials on her long walks along the shores of the beautiful Jurassic Coast of West Dorset; a World Heritage site.

Rachel’s art typically includes tiny interwoven found objects: sea glass from Lyme Regis, small shells and sometimes other finds such as beach pottery fragments or fossils to add interest to her driftwood pieces.

She has exhibited and worked with driftwood since 2011; a part-time interest which has evolved into a full time career.

The fish is numbered and signed by the artist and comes with a handwritten strung tag describing its Jurassic Coast provenance.

Overall Size: approx 28 cm x 36 cm long (11 x 14 inches)
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