Driftwood Cove Table Lamp

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Natural sea washed driftwood, handmade pebbles and slate have been beautifully combined in this contemporary driftwood table lamp created and designed by David Raine.
Each lamp is individually made and hand finished and the driftwood is collected by David whilst walking local beaches with his dogs.
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David’s love affair with the coast and sea developed from early childhood. With salt in his blood it’s a theme that courses through much of his work.

Living in Cornwall nothing can be as outrageous as an Atlantic storm pounding the shore and it’s this inspiration that he works with.
“I like to hold things, stones, shells, letting different types of sand flow through my fingers, coarse, fine, damp, to get annoyed but enlivened as the wind and rain drives into my face”.
Elements flow together playing with expectations as he attempts to create the very essence of our shoreline in each of his products for the home.
The white pebble stones used in this table lamp are cleverly hand cast using crushed stone, lime and polymer, before being hand washed and assembled upon a riven slate base quarried locally in Cornwall.
The stem is made from stainless steel; each of the components has its own unique qualities making every lamp a little different.    (Shade included)
Handcrafted in Cornwall and signed by the artist. 
Overall Size: 73 cm tall    Shade:  Ø 30 cm


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