Crenulate Auger Shell

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Crenulate Auger shells as their name implies have a serrated, wavy (crenulated) outline.

The shells also have delicate spotted makings running along the length of their slender form.

This species (oxymeris crenulata) belongs to the Terebridae family of shells which has some 300 species; they are all typically shaped like long slender augers or screws.

One can perhaps see where the name originated, as an auger is a drilling device, or drill bit that normally includes a rotating screw blade to remove its drilled out material.

Auger shells inhabit warm seas and are sand-dwelling carnivores feeding on various marine worms. Most species have a venomous barb that is used to stun and immobilize prey.

The Crenulate species is common to the Indo Pacific region.

Sold individually.

Small Size: approx 6 - 7 cm long

Large Size: approx 11 - 12 cm long

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