Crab Framed Art Picture | David Raine
Crab Framed Art Picture | David Raine
Crab Framed Art Picture | David Raine
Crab Framed Art Picture | David Raine
Crab Framed Art Picture | David Raine

Crab Framed Art Picture - Copper

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This original framed art piece by David Raine displays a wonderfully realised copper Crab in relief within a naturally distressed boat-wood frame.

Crabs are found in all oceans around the world and have long been represented in many forms over time from constellations, astrological signs, art and mythology.

Perfect in any contemporary or coastal setting, each Crab is created by employing the “Cold Cast Copper Method” as used in making sculptures.

The technique involves blending bronze powders with specially formulated resins to produce a material which is weighty, cool to the touch and has the same appealing look of copper.

The piece is individually hand polished with an acid patinated surface, whilst the background is polished cold cast aluminium with a rough cast brass edging.

The naturally distressed boat-wood frame was salvaged from a 40 foot classic wooden yacht by the name of ‘Nora’.

The yacht gained some notoriety in 2015 after several attempts to sail across the Atlantic to America failed; she unfortunately faced a series of mishaps resulting in the boat being rescued nine times in only seven months. Nora is currently being renovated in Hayle harbour, Cornwall.

David’s love affair with the coast and sea developed from early childhood; with salt in his blood, it’s a theme that courses through much of his work.

Living in Cornwall, David produces a range of products that include table lamps, mirrors and small furniture pieces that represent the very essence of the shoreline.

Limited Edition

Although following the same design every casting and frame has its own qualities making each quite unique.

Size: 38 x 52 cm

Please note, as a handmade product completion and delivery on this item is approx 7-10 working days.
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