Anchor Greeting Card

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An individual printed greeting card designed by Sophie Mutter.
Although wonderfully useful in preventing your boat from drifting, anchors have acquired all sorts of symbolic meanings over time.
Often used as a sailors icon representing hope and safe homecoming; the symbol harks right back to the origins of Christianity when it was used as a hidden sign for the cross.
Nowadays the design is more associated as a mark of stability, of strong foundation, security and fidelity making its use popular in affairs of the heart.
The image is taken from an original hand pulled screen print by the artist.
Blank inside for your personal message and suitable for any occasion, the card comes cello wrapped with white envelope.
Cello Wrapped with White Envelope.
Ideal for framing and sending.
Card Size:  14 x 14 cm   
Image Size: 12 x 12 cm

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